Equate International

Equate is an international operations consultancy company. We work with development agencies, governments and private companies in Africa. Equate offers exceptional project management services to their clients, mainly in operational processes such as procurement, logistics, supply chain management. Additionally, extended experience in working with various companies in Uganda, allows us to support them with business development services and proposal writing. We stand for professionalism, reliability, efficiency and impact, while ensuring full accountability and transparency in all our work.

“There are many developmental advisory services in this world. However, few have combined an international approach with private business experience to support organizations and companies in their operational effectiveness. Equate is about making your organisation work successfully in an effective and transparent manner.”

Marjon Castelijns, Managing Director Equate

 About us

We are a consultancy company bringing operational expertise to the developing world. Our experts come both from developed and developed countries and work management…. Read more

 Our profile

Equate was founded by Marjon Castelijns, operations professional. She has over 15 years of international experience in the field of consulting, project management, operations…. Read more

 Our principles

Many organizations struggle to find professional partners in the developing world, more specifically in Africa. Equate is the partner they have been looking for. We have…. Read more

XEquate (U) Limited
Bukoto Crescent 31b
Naguru, Kampala, Uganda
PO Box 11161
Tel: +256 776171256 (office hours)

Equate International B.V. is registered in the Netherlands (Incorporation Number KvK: 60352647)
Equate (U) Limited is registered in Uganda (Incorporation Number: 162095)